Terms of Business

These Terms of Business and Agreement apply to Crommelin Recruitment and its Clients and/or their Subsidiaries and Associates each time Crommelin Recruitment provides recruitment services to the Client.

The following Crommelin Recruitment Terms of Business applies to Permanent and Fixed-Term Placements.


For the purposes of this document;

“Candidate” means an individual being considered by a Client of Crommelin Recruitment for Permanent or Fixed-Term employment.

“Client” means an organisation that Crommelin Recruitment provides or may provide recruitment services to.

“Crommelin Recruitment” means Crommelin Recruitment (ABN 17 218 204 020) and individuals authorised to represent Crommelin Recruitment including its Director and employees.

“Permanent Placements” means Candidate placements with Clients in an indefinite and ongoing role. Candidates will be remunerated on the Client’s payroll.

“Fixed-Term Placements” means Candidate placements with Clients that are for with a definite period or term, or with a defined end-date. Candidates will be remunerated on the Client’s payroll.


Information supplied by Crommelin Recruitment to the Client is strictly confidential and cannot be provided to a third party without the consent of Crommelin Recruitment.

Crommelin Recruitment will respect the Client’s confidentiality and will not disclose any information to a third party without the agreement of the Client, or unless it is legally required to do so.

Handling of Confidential Information

The Client agrees to comply with the National Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act (1988) with regards to Candidate information provided to the Client by Crommelin Recruitment. This information cannot be disclosed to a third party without express permission by Crommelin Recruitment and the Candidate.

Personal information can only be used by the Client for the primary purpose in which it was intended, for example to assess the Candidate’s suitability for employment.

With regards to any confidential information provided by the Client to Crommelin Recruitment, the Client acknowledges that Crommelin Recruitment is authorised to provide this information, and Crommelin Recruitment can utilise this information during the recruitment process for Permanent or contract placements.


Crommelin Recruitment takes the utmost care in selecting suitable Candidates and contractors for the Client.

Crommelin Recruitment does not accept liability for any losses, damages or costs arising out of or in connection with the recruitment, introduction or ongoing employment of Permanent Candidates and Fixed-Term Contractors.

Crommelin Recruitment is not responsible for errors, omissions or incorrect representations in the details provided. Clients are responsible for the final recruitment decision. The selection of the successful Candidate is made by the Client. The Client is responsible for the management of permanent placements and for the success of the appointment. The Client must satisfy itself as to the suitability of the Candidate and Contractors for the position or assignment.

The Client indemnifies Crommelin Recruitment in respect of any claim arising from, or related to:
* Any failure or alleged failure of a Candidate to perform his or her duties;
* Personal injury or death of an Employee, Contractor or any other person if in connection to the performance by the Candidate in his or her obligations; and
* Damage to any property arising from, or related to the performance of a Candidate in his / her obligations.