Its been heavily publicised that supermarkets and are experiencing huge growth in the current climate, however there are a number of other industries who are also reporting record engagement levels with their target market.

Technology Consulting

In 2015 Joe Franzi, Head of Cybersecurity at Australian Signals Directorate described the need for cybersecurity professionals as ‘insatiable’. Fast forward five years, and with a global health crisis that is pushing businesses further into the digital space, an already expanding industry is facing additional demand for cyber security expertise. Warnings have already been issued by the Australian Cyber Security Centre regarding the increased attacks on users since COVID-19. Yet despite current circumstances, Alec Ross, former advisor to the US Secretary of State and author of Industries of the Future believes cyber security as one of the most secure career paths going into the future, “the growth is steep, the need will be sustained, and this need currently comes up against a major talent shortage.’


Health, Fitness and Wellness

The need for good health is no greater than in the time of a global health pandemic, meaning companies and online-platforms offering exercise classes, gym equipment and mental-health services have been well-positioned to benefit from the lockdown. Meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm have seen huge increases in downloads around the world as people seek to address increasing stress and anxiety. We are also witnessing a bicycle boom as Australians look for new modes of transportation and exercise. 99 Bikes Director Matt Turner has seen “about a 50 per cent increase across our stores, but in our city stores it would be more.”


E-Commerce Sites

Online retail behemoth Amazon has taken on over 100,000 people in the last month and is now seeking to add a further 75,000 to the workforce. Whilst these opportunities are predominantly in the US, benefits will still be felt in Australia as the company extend their operations worldwide. Other e-commerce sites bathing in the boom include Big W, Kogan, subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify, and online grocery giants like Coles and Woolworths.


Video-Conferencing Software and Collaboration Tools

Thousands of Australians are becoming accustomed to working from home and videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Skype have become key to communicating. Zoom has announced a 134% revenue growth in Australia and New Zealand, adding more users in 2020 so far than in the entire of 2019. Similarly, Microsoft have seen a 200% increase in Teams users in the last month alone. Docusign, allowing users to remotely sign and return documents, has also seen a spike in its usership.


Online Education

Whether it’s due to a reduction in work or simply no longer needing to commute, many Australians now have more time to spare, and in an increasingly competitive job market, many are looking to up-skill online. Rob Golding is the Director of the College for Adult Learning, an provide of online education based in Melbourne’s east. They have reported a 40% increase in leads on average, with sales potentially up by a similar amount compared to this time last year.


Other industries experiencing growth include:

Vet Services & Supplies   ▪   Commercial Cleaning  ▪   Call-Centres  ▪   Food Delivery Services  ▪ Pharmaceuticals   ▪   Logistics & Delivery   ▪   Civil, Commercial and Residential Construction