“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Whether it was overseas travel, career growth or buying a house, our plans for 2020 might appear now like a distant memory as life becomes a game of endurance – financially, mentally and physically. Thousands of Australians have been faced with either the complete or partial loss of work and we have all been urged to stay at home. But through the anxiety and stress this naturally causes, many have seen a silver lining presented in the form of extra time, traditionally used for commuting, socialising over weekends and evenings, taxiing kids to and from sporting events or even work itself.

I now only work four days per week, and whilst I am fortunate enough not to have to find additional income to make up for this yet, I now find myself faced with a choice on how to spend this extra day. Activities promoting well-being and mental health are crucially important in this time, with many people have taking up indoor exercise, meditation, reading, or trying a new hobby. But in addition to this, for those that are able now is an ideal time to up-skill.

Whether we seek an advancement in our current career or desire to change it completely, now is a great opportunity to seek additional learning and development. There are many ways people can do this that cater to all budgets. Hundreds of websites offer free online courses that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, such as Udemy, FutureLearn, SkillShare, General Assembly and Coursera. You can be a student of world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale and Cambridge without spending a cent or leaving the living room. For those who are financially able there are many Registered Training Organisations that offer remote and self-paced learning opportunities through certificates, diplomas and degrees. One of our valued clients, the College for Adult Learning, offers exactly this. At Crommelin Recruitment we also offer a Career Transition program to help individuals facing restructure, redundancy or simply looking to gain insight into their own learning styles and career aspirations.

In recent weeks you may have heard the Persian adage that “this too shall pass”, and whilst the future may seem dark and uncertain right now, it won’t always be this way. The question we can ask ourselves is, whilst faced with this adversity, what can we do to help better ourselves for when this is over?

Rebecca,  Crommelin Recruitment