Crommelin Recruitment is pleased to provide you with our latest issue of Industry Snapshot; a bite-sized overview of the Human Capital industry as viewed from our current vantage points….once again… a garage in Oakleigh and living rooms in Lipa, the Philippines and Glen Iris.

                                                                                        Andrew Crommelin, Anna Manalo & Will Bird

Market Wrap August 2021

I mentioned to someone the other day that I am starting to understand what it feels like to be a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) worker. You head into the office for a week or two, work really gets rolling, then lockdown hits and you are back working from home for a couple of weeks (or more). That said, I’m grateful that I’m one of the lucky people who still has work. It has been an interesting employment landscape this year. Where last year the lockdown was so extended that it became the norm and business largely ticked along, this year things feel a bit more stop-start. Whenever lockdown has ended there has been a surge of placements – and in reverse things have tended to slow down when we’re all at home. Candidates also tend to be more wary of the devil they don’t know and are less likely to make a move when lockdowns bring uncertainty.

As a sum of all the parts the job market has still been pretty solid throughout the year all things considered. In recent months we’ve been working mainly with industrial services and products businesses and across construction supplies, online education, insurance building and the capital equipment hire industries. Wishing you all a happy and safe remainder of the year.