We are only in March and yet ‘unprecedented’ may be the word of 2020, as we’ve watched the world go into lockdown and businesses are forced to close their doors at the hands of Covid-19. These are proving incredibly challenging times for all of us, particularly the thousands of Australians who now found themselves without work. Almost every industry is experiencing financial hardship, with Travel, Retail and Hospitality suffering particularly over the last few weeks. However, whilst many companies have had to let staff go, others are now experiencing a greater demand for new hires than ever before. We hope to provide some information on where you could be sending your CV over the next few weeks.

  • Retail – Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Aldi, 7/11. Coles have asked for an additional 5000 casual workers to assist in their stores and Woolworths has announced that they are hiring for 20,000 new positions across Australia. Job seekers can assist in the home delivery, logistics and transport divisions.
  • Food-delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo are proving increasingly popular as people self-isolate at home whilst supporting local business. Those with motorbikes, cars and bicycles can jump on the bandwagon in this sought-after service.
  • Call Centres – Telstra CEO Andrew Penn citied that “it is in the national interest for every company and individual to play a part in ensuring Australia comes through as strongly as possible”, and as such are seeking an additional 1000 call-centre operators to join the team.
  • Typically occupied by migrant workers, there are increasing opportunities to work with rural farmers in a variety of roles, including fruit-picking, packing and forklift driving.
  • BHP – Seeking over 1500 new workers across Australia to assist the production of iron ore, coal and copper.
  • Commercial cleaners are currently facing a huge increase in demand as offices and essential services businesses around Australia make efforts to keep their staff safe and buildings sanitised. Similarly, as schools shut around Australia, parents are seeking the help of Nannies and Tutors to assist with childcare and education.
  • IT experts offering skills in cybersecurity and digital connectivity are now becoming vital resources as millions of workers and children transition to remote working and learning.


Whilst times are currently very tough, its hoped that opportunities will continue to be created for those who are able to shift into industries in demand as we tackle Covid-19 together.